Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Moshiach is already here.
and all that’s left is to open your eyes, Moshiach our King is here. He is right in our midst, standing next to us in a crowd. We take no notice of him because we see only our own needs and ourselves. When will he be able to reveal himself? When will the time come? Well the time has already come and Moshiach is already here and all that’s left is to open our eyes. Because time as we know it is ending. Either we will reveal him or Hashem will.


The Blogmaster said...

Was that the guy who I saw the other day standing there yelling at everybody who drove by on a street corner?

TonyBravo said...

I have one word that comes to mind,WoW . That is a much different illustration of the tree of life that i have seen( And i have seen a few) . The trees of life that i have seen in the past,has had Daath in the Middle right up around where Tiphereth is sitting . I should also say that i am just a Neophyte,and have been learning for sometime now . In short that is a Fan Tastic illustration of the tree of life . I will be coming by your blog again when i have the chance .