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Moshiach tree

What are they?   According to Israel Regardie they are considered to be substantial principles of power-Vessels, or categorical ideas in which the consciousness of the universe expresss itself.
The following is just a simple analogy

This mean that matter doesn't exists at all and everything surrounding us is just a lump of energies?  Everything is made from molecules, which are made from atoms, consisting of nucleus and electrons. Therefore, the radius of electron's orbit is so big and nucleus is so small, which means there's empty space instead of matter. Also the protons and neutrons aren't plastic balls, there are made from quarks, just vibrating "strings", not solid.

The quarks(3 smaller spheres) are not just made of 1 string each, its actually a whole fabric of vibrating strings of energy. They each vibrate at different frequencies.      As for the 3rd electron cloud model representation. Oh and there are either thousands or millions of quarks per every proton and neutron. the three quark representation is good though. The names of the 6 quarks that we know of are Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Top, and Bottom. 3 go to the protons and 3 to the neutrons.

    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Son of David

    The Royal and the Priestly Messiah

    The Priestly Messiah Ben Aaron is chosen for the cleansing of the nation. The leader of the Nation, the Royal Messiah Ben Israel in the last days will rule over Israel. As the prophecy goes, they will become the two lampshades or the two witnesses standing before God. Levi was the most righteous and zealous of all the sons of Jacob. Judah was chosen to lead and to establish peace and security among the people.
    Dead sea-scrolls -

    According to divine plan: The Messiah was born on the 21st of May around mid 60, close to    6 days war. (4Q 435) He was born at night and comes out complete; he slept all night until noon. All the Angelic being that was there in spirit with the Messiah at the foundation of the entire universe, they were as well present at the coming physical birth of the Messiah of heaven and earth. He is The Messiah chosen to reveal secrets like the Most High. (4Q 534) Tiny marks on his thigh and they will be different from each other. He has a name writen on him that no one on earth knows except himself. That name is an equivalent to the sign of Majesty that will be part of the new Flag of biblical Israel. That mark, name or symbol stands for King of Kings and Lord Of Lords. Whatever land King David rule over in the past the Messiah will lay claim of it all.

    Stamp of approval
    Do the Jewish people has a protocol in place to welcome Moshiach now?Moshiach has a life, a name, a place of birth and he is a normal human being like anyone.He has been wounded; His soul lay bare on many rocks. He has seen the darker side of life. He will need support, as any fledgling needs support.Indeed, Moshiach is looking and watching us; he sees us but we don't see him, only because our wall (Lack of knowledge) obstructs his sight.The Messiah will be absolutely mortal, born of a man and a woman [Rambam, Sefer HaVikuah 88]The king messiah will be like one of us in every aspect, with a mother and a father. He also will be among the people in exile, suffering the afflictions of exile as his brethren.[Abarbanel, Yeshuot Meschicho 3:3]"In the Talmud a difficulty is pointed out by reference to a distinctly eschatological Baraita22, which describes the events of the septennium preceding the advent of the son of David, and in which is stated 'in the sixth year (Heavenly) sounds; in the seventh year, wars; and at the termination of the septennium the son of David will come', and the Gemara answers 'War is also the beginning of redemption.' From the Book, THE SAGES by, Ephraim E. Urbach
     Analysis from walter Vaughn
    Never has so much been written about someone about whom we know so little. Scholars and laymen alike gaze through this mysterious cloud that shrouds the son of David. Detailed and elaborate belief systems bound together by multiple doctrines, dictates, and tales would seem [if it were possible] to confine and contain G-d's anointed. Although Moshiach's identity may be secret, ancient prophetic passages provide clues to his identity. This web site will focus on the "peshat-simple" and the "sod or secret" nature of the coming son of David.There is no greater mystery than the identity of Moshiach ben DavidMoshiach who is represented by the number "8" waits in hiding. He peeks through the windows and peers through the crevices not wanting to be seen, behaving as if he's ashamed of his appearance. Why does he hide his face from the Jewish community? What is he waiting for? Why doesn't he come already?Unfortunately, he is in no spiritual condition to make himself known. We are taught Moshiach tarries, I believe the procrastination on Moshicah's part is a time of cleansing, reproving, and spiritually preparing himself for his bride, Yisrael. It is in his weakened condition that he is seen as one who stands behind their wall peeking through the windows at his bride, he is lovesick. His outward appearance is as a gentile for it says of him,Many years had passed between Moshe looked in on Israel and his eventual return to lead them out of Mitsrayim. How many years will transpire between Moshiach looking through the window to actually knocking on the door? While Moshiach tarries, Israel sleeps.I believe with perfect faith in the coming Messiah; and though he tarry, I will wait daily for his coming."Why does Moshiach "tarry" or procrastinate? In the Tenach, ha sefer Shir haShirim 2:9 [Song of Songs] we are given insight into the early relationship between Moshiach and his bride Israel.Lack of knowledge from the chosen people prevents Moshiach from making his appearance.Why is Moshiach concealed and hidden among the gentiles? Could it have been the Holocaust or some other tragic event that lead to the concealment of the son of David? It's any ones guess what might have triggered the separation but one thing is for certain, in the latter days just prior to the revelation of Moshiach the son of David is a resident of Edom.At last Moshiach makes his appearance! The one who was previously standing behind the lattice is now spiritually strong enough to knock at her door. Why does Moshiach knock? Only a stranger knocks before entering. The owner of the house will not quickly open to a stranger. Moshiach will have severed all religious allegiance with Edom/Christianity (see Modern day Edom) but his love for the people in the Christian community will never be extinguished. This is a universal Messiah who is able to sincerely empathise with people from all walks of life because he is a part of the whole. But, he must return to the faith of his fathers and what he believes to be true. It is written,"Surely I have cleansed my heart in vain,[in Edom] and washed my hands in innocency; for all the day I have been stricken, and chastised every morning. If I had said, I will tell a story like that,[Christian Gospel] behold, I should have offended against the generation of thy children."[children of Israel] Psalms 73:15"The generation of thy children" is the Jewish generation who will witness and welcome Moshiach's arrival. The son of David will have completed his long and gruelling return to Judaism having prepared himself so as to be acceptable before his bride, Yisrael. This is what is meant when he says,"I have washed my feet". Unfortunately, Israel became weary waiting for his arrival. After all many false messiahs came previously knocking at her door.

    Moshiach noble name
    Moshiach noble nameA universal message for the benefit of the inquiring mind ….To those probing for knowledge and truth.In a vivid – simple and reverent fashioned ; in the world of illusion even stillness is deceptive.It was written for Moshiach to await his time and to physically reveal himself. In the beginning it is the name of the Moshiach that was created. I have evidence and testimony of that name, the word “D E S T I N Y” is the last 7 letters of the name of the true Jewish Moshiach. May his name endure forever, may his name blossom before the sun.(Ps 72:17)In that hour in which the Son of Man was named in the presence of the Lord of the spirits – And his name is head of days – Ere the sun and the signs were created, ere the stars of heaven were made, His name was named before the lord of spirits. (1 Enoch 48:2-3)What is the name of king Moshiach? R. Abba bar Kahana said: LORD [Adonai] is his name , for it is written, I will raise unto David a righteous Shoot …..In his days Judah shall be saved … And this is the name whereby he shall be called: The LORD is our righteousness.(Jer. 23:5-6)SHOOT (Tzemah)….MENAHEM( comforter)….YOETZ ( counselor) ….SHILOH….DAVID….ELIJAH…EL HAI….GIBBOR ( hero)…..And Avi Ad shalom [Eternal father of peace)

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    Moshiach is already here.
    and all that’s left is to open your eyes, Moshiach our King is here. He is right in our midst, standing next to us in a crowd. We take no notice of him because we see only our own needs and ourselves. When will he be able to reveal himself? When will the time come? Well the time has already come and Moshiach is already here and all that’s left is to open our eyes. Because time as we know it is ending. Either we will reveal him or Hashem will.