Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moshiach tree

What are they?   According to Israel Regardie they are considered to be substantial principles of power-Vessels, or categorical ideas in which the consciousness of the universe expresss itself.
The following is just a simple analogy

This mean that matter doesn't exists at all and everything surrounding us is just a lump of energies?  Everything is made from molecules, which are made from atoms, consisting of nucleus and electrons. Therefore, the radius of electron's orbit is so big and nucleus is so small, which means there's empty space instead of matter. Also the protons and neutrons aren't plastic balls, there are made from quarks, just vibrating "strings", not solid.

The quarks(3 smaller spheres) are not just made of 1 string each, its actually a whole fabric of vibrating strings of energy. They each vibrate at different frequencies.      As for the 3rd electron cloud model representation. Oh and there are either thousands or millions of quarks per every proton and neutron. the three quark representation is good though. The names of the 6 quarks that we know of are Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Top, and Bottom. 3 go to the protons and 3 to the neutrons.